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Palmersheim & Mathew LLP Completes Fact Discovery Remotely in Antitrust Dispute

January 29, 2021

Palmersheim & Mathew LLP attorneys Robert J. Palmersheim, Anand C. Mathew, and Timothy G. Parilla completed fact discovery amid the global Covid-19 pandemic on behalf of their clients in an antitrust lawsuit.  As in-person depositions and witness preparation pose potential health risks to witnesses, attorneys, support staff, and court reporters, Palmersheim & Mathew safely pursued their clients’ claims by utilizing advanced remote deposition technology.

Before agreeing to video depositions, the parties negotiated a detailed remote deposition protocol that ensured the parties, witnesses, and court reporters had the network requirements necessary for adequate video and sound quality.  The protocol also specified video deposition rules that prevented discovery disputes while tailoring deposition procedures to the needs of the case.  To avoid unnecessary interruptions, participants attended pre-deposition tutorials to familiarize themselves with the video and exhibit sharing platforms.  This allowed Palmersheim & Mathew to question witnesses extensively and introduce dozens of exhibits at the depositions without having to request additional time from the court. 

The transition to remote deposition preparation and video depositions saved Palmersheim & Mathew’s clients tens of thousands of dollars by avoiding the expenses of taking depositions in Switzerland, California, Massachusetts, Georgia, Virginia, Illinois, and Arkansas.  It also avoided interruptions and travel expenses ordinarily incurred in connection with witness preparation.  While many cases have stalled amid this unprecedented pandemic, Palmersheim & Mathew efficiently advanced its clients’ claims in this and other complex, document-intensive disputes.


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